Unemployment inside the Family

Unemployment certainly creates stress and pressure, not just for those who are unemployed, but for their family members and even close friends. If someone who you care about is currently unemployed, it is incredibly important to stay close to them in difficult times. Spiritual support is the biggest help that you can provide to your loved ones. In these types of situations, people might be extremely vulnerable, so it is recommended not to blame them or speak to them sarcastically. Your approach must be encouraging, and you have to stand by them as much as you can. If possible, try personally to find job opportunities and arrange job interviews for them. Ask them not to be hopeless or disappointed, and encourage them to be active and positive all the time.

With no income, unemployment can lead to financial issues, which makes it even harder. Suggest help, but be careful about the way you offer it, as many people find it painful or offensive. It might be better that you become completely sure that they need urgent help, then attempt to help nicely and convince them you are just lending them that money, and they can pay it back whenever they get a job. That can be an extra motivation for them. If your loved one has no job and doesn’t consistently try to find one, don’t get mad at her/him. Try to locate the real problem and provide solutions. In most cases, these problems have psychological roots which could be detected.

Unemployment is a difficult period, especially in contemporary times, as it contributes to negative perceptions from others. This increases the importance of togetherness inside families and between friends during this hard time.