Construction in Canada

The Construction industry is a vital key for economic growth.  The whole basic infrastructures of every nation’s economy stand on the fundamentals of construction. Without building facilities, from roads and bridges to dams and factories, all economic activities are meaningless. In other words, our global economy is dependent on the efficient construction sector.

In Canada, 1.3 million people are working in this area and more than 7% of the country’s GDP comes from construction. Yet, for the second-largest country in the world which have only 38 million population.

There is a vast space for growth. The government encourages both investment and skilled workforce in different parts. Opposed to Australia and New Zealand, Canada tends to give permanent residence to immigrants working in the construction sector.

To start working in construction, you should be graduated from a related university or have a trade qualification. As a construction professional, there are many options you can use to move to Canada. Then by working, you can make progress step by step.

If you are interested in investing in construction, there are many plans all around the country. It is expected that construction’s output will grow dramatically after the COVID-19 pandemic. The biggest slice belongs to residential construction, which has about 43% of its total value.