Job interview stress

 Limited anxiety during a job interview is completely natural and even necessary, as it brings awareness and accuracy that you need more than a regular experience. However, too much stress, which reduces your intellectual abilities, means something is not right. Many job seekers complain that they feel normal before being interviewed, but as it begins, the stress level increases very quickly. In these situations, stress shows itself in fast heart beating, shaking hands, uncertain voice, irreconcilable speaking, and temporary poor memory.

Here are two different concepts that must be separated: self-esteem and self-confidence. Low self-esteem refers to a bad feeling you have about yourself. Internal problems related to our physical properties or psychological matters can lead to stress in almost any type of experience, from our daily routine to special events such as a job interview. Those who suffer from low self-esteem need to meet medical care.

Self-confidence on the other hand refers to the ability we see in ourselves to make specific tasks. It is directly associated with our readiness for what is expecting us. Thus, it’s quite normal that someone feels low confidence inside a job interview room but reflects confidence – or even overconfidence – when she/he is playing football. Low self-confidence during a job interview indicates that at least at some levels you have not been prepared enough for this meeting.