Types of Supervisors

People lead their groups in different ways. Depending on the nature of the work, environment and conditions, a wise supervisor chooses the right style to navigate. All kinds of styles could be either a huge success or a disaster due to the way they are run. An employee -of course- must understand her/his boss’s approach, learn their techniques and attitudes, and adjust herself/himself to the boss’s leadership. Some typical types of supervisors are:

Mentor- They tend to trust the employees on their responsibilities and don’t intervene in details. By giving the power to employees these supervisors help them to grow which is beneficial for the company’s future as well.

Control Freak- They always want to be considered at the top of the group. For keeping their power, they might refuse to share information or data. They are always looking for chances to strengthen their position.

Coach- This kind of supervisors’ focus is on the employees. Their biggest concern is to prepare a space in which employees can efficiently do their jobs. They provide necessary equipment and tools, constantly monitor the employees and make sure they’re heading in the right direction.