Preparation for an interview

Job seekers usually what exactly is the best way to plan for a job interview. Generally, planning for an interview is nothing but predicting what will happen during the interview and getting prepared for that. A bad interview occurs when the interviewer’s expectation is way different from the interviewee’s. Candidates may spend hours and hours studying subjects they think they will be asked of and then the recruiters ask them completely different questions. That explains why having a correct strategy to get prepared is important.

On the other hand, sometimes too much preparation can be harmful. For instance, the candidate might have prepared so much to say something that is conventionally true but no-related to the question interviewer have asked. No matter how much you have been prepared, there are moments you have to deal with something not familiar and you have to pass it without your planning materials. Interviewers tend to put you in these situations to analyze your reaction when you encounter unpredicted obstacles.