Strict Managers

All professional employees have had tough managers during their careers whom they didn’t like. Bosses with irrational expectations, employers who don’t listen to reasonable arguments and supervisors who you’d think are always a part of the problem not the solution. From many employers views, they can get the best of employees only if they are tough on them, constantly monitoring them, blaming them when something goes wrong, controling them and asking them to do better next time. How should employees deal with such situations?

First of all, it is important to realize employers’ concerns. They’re naturally worried about their businesses and investments. In most cases, they have to be responsive to their own hierarchies too. How much the responsibility is higher, the stress grows more and the possibility of hard reactions increases. On the other hand, there should be a balance between the punishment when employees don’t perform well and the patronage when the job is perfectly done. Most successful companies are the ones that have lots of expectations from their workers but -at the same time- their employees’ supporting policies are much higher than regular standards.