Childhood dream jobs

Only 4% of people make their childhood dream job a reality. Others all will be thrown up to other tracks. children -depending on the conditions- dream up different jobs. About 10% dream about being a vet, and the next popular jobs are teacher, pilot, actor, police officer/detective and athlete. Following childhood dream jobs make people twice as likely to be happy in their jobs. 64% of adults still wish they had pursued their dream jobs. All these data tell parents and education systems they shouldn’t underestimate children’s wishes.

What does it say?

 Children’s dreaming about their future jobs depends first of all on the parents’ status. They feel they are growing to be like their “Dad” or “Mom”.  The gender aspect also matters. Boys tend to imagine themselves as heroes, That’s why they’re interested in being a firefighter or a police officer. Girls are more fascinated to help and protect others. Besides these two, we also should know dream jobs could reflect the child’s own character and personality, so it could be so helpful -even necessary- to prepare the resources for them, giving them the chance to see their wishes come true.