Salary Negotiations

Studies show that many employees fear to talk directly about their salaries when they’re about to get hired or through a promotion. 18% of employees never speak about their salary during their career years. conditions for women look worse. Only 7% of women speak up about their first job salary while 57% of men would do that! 44% of employees never ask for a raise during their career.

What to do?

As an employee, you have to know your value. If you are well educated and possess the necessary knowledge and experience, you are a valuable workforce that deserves proportionate income. Knowing about your merit gives you the confidence to talk to recruiters and employers about the issue. You have to pick the right time for negotiation and choose the words you’re going to use wisely. Never start the discussion without preparation. While getting ready, try to see the story from your managers’ point of view too. Finally, choose an exact number which you think is suitable for an employee in your position. Drink coffee the day you want to speak ( studies show caffeine helps you during any kind of negotiations. ) and try to be positive.