Sacrifice at Work

We all know people who get big achievements in their careers. How do they reach there? From a logical view, victories all happen for detectable reasons. All successful people have gotten where they are by pursuing specific patterns, scheduling, setting goals, consistency, hard work and sometimes luck. Successful employees tend to prioritize and sacrifice for their aims.

What should you sacrifice for your work? That widely depends on how much important is it for you to be successful. Those people who want success at any cost would sacrifice their time, stability and personal life. Some people avoid having personal relationships to save enough time for their work. Some employees would consider moving to other cities or countries far from their hometowns when they feel it would help their career.

However, there are certain red lines that shouldn’t be crossed. You should never put your health and sanity at risk for any progress at work. Another important aspect is that the sacrificing should be for your own and your family or loved ones shouldn’t suffer because of your job. You should never sacrifice your identity ( all parameters of that ) either. Finally, from an ethical view, you also shouldn’t sacrifice your integrity for any reason.