How to handle conflicts at work

Occasional discussions and disagreements which end up in conflicts are inevitable. How should we react when 2 of our coworkers are involved in a situation like this? The first important thing is to separate them temporarily to reduce the tension. When the tension is high no one listens to any logical argument, so if you want to do any help you have to wait a little bit so both sides become calm. You can leave the room with one of them and leave the other one to another colleague. do not let anyone think you are taking one of your colleagues’ side even she/he is a close friend of yours.

Before trying to make peace, listen to both of them separately and see the entire story from their perspective. Sometimes employees do not confess the real reasons they are mad about. Try to discover the roots. In most cases, the conflicts are actually nothing but some common misunderstandings which could be easily solved so do not hurry to report the story to the hierarchies. tell them your own experiences and the way you have managed them. Do not blame them at any level. When you think they are ready, let them meet and give them some space to solve their problem. Don’t interfere when they speak up and if you assume they will be able to handle it, act like nothing important has happened.