Brains’ reactions to job interviews

When humans are stressed, they act completely different. Quick movements, shaking voices, nervousness and lack of focus can kill all the hopes during an interview. What makes us lose our control this much? Studies say at vital moments, our bodies can not realize the difference between a relatively modern issue and the near-death experiences related to our evolution. That explains why candidates act during a job interview like a starving lion is chasing them. The truth is, in today’s world paying the bills, saving money, having health insurance and being respected are as valued as rescuing from a deadly animal.

Can we kill the anxiety? Probably not, but we still can get it under control by preparing. Dream jobs could be easily lost if you haven’t prepared yourself enough which -by the way- has different aspects. Besides, your personal timing on the day you’re called is key. What if you couldn’t find a parking spot? What if you’re late? Feeling rushed doesn’t help at all to reduce the tension. So, spend enough time getting ready and be on time for the meeting.