How to treat with your assistant

The wish for an assistant is mutual between the employees everywhere. Yet, when many people find it difficult to manage it when they get that. How should I treat him? Should I constantly expose his shortcomings to make him get better or should I close my eyes to keep him motivated? How should I make a connection? What if it doesn’t work? Here are some answers:

Stay professional

Assistants tend to adjust themselves with their bosses. If the boss performs professionally, they will be professional too. All their tasks must be according to the work. Be avoid asking them irrelevant duties.

Gain their trust

It’s very important to let your assistant know they can rely on you. As you’re in charge between you two, it’s yours to take responsibility when something goes wrong. ( even if it’s their mistake) when they notice your supportive and protective approach, they do their best for you during the work.

Teach them all you know

It’s so viral that people don’t let their assistant learn everything to keep their superiority. That’s a stupid thought. A part of your success at work is about how you have helped them to make progress. In this way, you can claim