How to disagree with your boss

Confident and assertive managers prefer to work with employees who disagree with them appropriately. It is generally accepted that the whole company benefits when employees are allowed to disagree or even criticize the managers. However, there are certain things you must be aware of. Let’s see some recommendations for disagreeing with your boss:

Prove you are on their side

One potential reason that your boss may look at your disagreement as pessimistic is she might think you are not loyal to her goals for the company. Convince her that you have also the same purposes that she does and you are looking for and suggesting better ways to achieve them.

 Show respect

No matter what is the situation, always Honor the position of your boss and be respectful. Ask for permission to disagree. When your boss considers you as a polite employee, she will encounter professionally with your disagreement and it reduces the risk of any provocation.

Don’t make it personal

Remember that all you are doing is for the entire organization’s interests. All discussions and disagreements inside the group must contribute positive results. Do not let your boss look embarrassed. Have a positive approach and act as a member of the team.

Respect their final decisions

After your disagreement, if your boss still wasn’t convinced, you must respect her decision. If you believe that something illegal is happening you can report that to higher managers. Otherwise, you just should follow the orders although you don’t agree with them.