Working Conditions

All we do at work is based on accepted procedures that attempt to make a balance between what employers require and employees’ needs. There always should be a reasonable relation between the job conditions and job privileges.

On one hand, as an employee, you simply have duties. You should respect the job schedule, internal rules, and manners. You are asked to bring positivity, and participate to build a pleasant atmosphere, you are supposed to be creative in your work, help your co-workers, to be loyal, committed, and faithful. These are your responsibilities.

On the other hand, you have obvious rights that should be met. Salary, remuneration, non-wage benefits, health and safety, education support, and sick leave are among them. Also, there should not be a paradox between what you do and what you are responsible for. In other words, responsibility and authority should have a connection.

In many cases, unfamiliarity with laws can damage people’s careers. A lot of people are ready to accept any job they are offered, without having a compatible understanding of their advantages, tasks, and other conditions, and when they encounter consequences, it might be too late. Therefore, it is vital to completely acknowledge both our duties and rights before we accept a job.