Work Record

Work Record (also known as work history or employment history) is a summary that reports all the jobs you have had in your career. Recruiters normally ask for your work record on your resume or on job applications. Generally, they are focused either on your last 2-5 positions or your experience in the last 5-10 years. Sometimes, employers ask for more detailed information, like the reason you have left your last job or the contact information of your former managers.

In the work record, bring your whole experience, personal projects and assignments, internships, missions and volunteer work. The more detailed it is, the easier it becomes for managers to detect you as a suitable applicant. It is also vital that your work record is concentrated on your career history, which is related to the job at hand.

When creating or recreating a work record, sometimes it is not easy to remember all specific numbers and dates. In that situation, do not make the numbers up, as it is likely that recruiters will check them back. You can contact the employers you have worked for, find information in contracts or tax returns. (With few exceptions, you shouldn’t pay money to regain your work record.) In some cases, former employers may wrong dates in contacts where it might cost you a job.