Working and Happiness

A big part of our lives happens at work. For many, job satisfaction means happiness in life. The definition of job satisfaction, however, differs. Different people experience happiness at work differently. Generally, there are three main ways for three different types of characters to feel joy at work. These three types are people who prioritize the states of happiness, meaning and success. The first step to find satisfaction is to discover to which category you belong.

Those who seek happiness more than anything else will reach it if they have a low-stress job in which all coworkers are friendly and the entire organization is based on a tight-knit environment. Those who search for meaning in life, in contrast, must find the direction of their ideals. For them, what they do for living is not only a job but a mission that they are built to do. Finally, those who value success, have to look for a position with a high progress probability.

Each of these different ways could navigate you to happiness. A job opportunity should not be seen objectively. It must match your character and this individual level is the part that is often forgotten.