Who is a recruiter ?

All organizations need to hire employees. A recruiter is a person who makes this process easy for managers. S/He makes a list of applicants for a given position, interviews them, and transfers the necessary information to hiring managers, so they can decide which applicant is fitter for the job. Recruiter’s contribution should make it really tough for administrators to decide, as they face plenty of qualified and high rated job seekers.

Recruiters are generally accurate, self-disciplined, organized, and capable of holding discussions, negotiations, and interactions. They enjoy the ability to establish relationships and make connections with others and detect the best possible options for the companies they work for. They also need some psychological skills in order to get a better and deeper comprehension of candidates.

When you are speaking to them in an interview, you should realize they already know about you by studying required documents and files. It means you already have their attention. You just need to provide some additional material to maximize your chance. You also should realize that they are not just hearing your words, they are observing your gestures and body language, seeking a multidimensional understanding of you.

If you are interested in working as a recruiter, you must know this job demands permanent awareness. You cannot just wait for the most suitable candidates to come to your office, instead, you should constantly look for them. You might discover them anywhere and anytime, even on an airplane flight during your vacation.