What do you need to do before interview?

Know your strengths, focus on the skills, abilities, and experience that you want to talk about. So you’ll be positive and confident during your interview.

Have enough knowledge in your field. Know about related experience and education essential for the position you are applying for…

Have knowledge of improvement and modifications in your field.

Find relevant information related to your field and industry to be able to talk about.

Focus on the job description and try to understand the job requirements. Try to list the job opportunities. So that you can close your experience and abilities to the job. You can also focus on successful outcomes that you achieved.

Focus on your plans to have the required credentials for the job.

Have good self-awareness.

Find plenty of useful information about the company, and try to talk about it, so you’ll be known as an interested applicant.

Know about the company products.

Know about the company’s success and express why you are interested to work in the company!