Teamwork in the workplace

Behind all great accomplishments in the world is accurate cooperation among involved people. Without cooperation, there is no chance for an economic team to reach stable and continuing growth. Consider a soccer team full of super-stars. With no coordination, sympathy, and understanding between these super-stars and with no united effort for mutual goals, they will fail to establish a successful group, and the team – soon or late – will collapse.

According to the same reason, in the world of work, the importance of teamwork is undeniable. Massive achievements are gained only when all members are acting like components of a machine. Receiving to that level requires a great deal of correlation inside the band, like an old cliché that says: There is no ‘I’ in the team.
The significance of teamwork doesn’t mean that we should neglect or forget the role of individuals. In contrast, talented members of the group who constantly bring creativity and new ideas must be celebrated. In other words, teamwork does not mean all are the same, it means all are doing for one common aim. The redemption of a business group depends on how they can associate talented individuals’ work with an integrated network