Impact of education on career

Efficient education is arguably the most vital matter for people’s careers. Today, governments are more and more noticing the importance of education and are investing resources to improve the quality of educational platforms. A structured and well-ordered education system is the one which makes schools, colleges and university functional, productive and methodical which can connect easily to the market and business world.

Education systems should also discover the capacities and talents of young students. By detecting these individual gifts, students could better understand their abilities and skills and get the necessary guidance to find their way for the future. Of course, talents always remain just talents if they are not practiced, fostered, and honed. To make the most of their potential, schools and educational institutes must enjoy proper facilities in terms of both hardware and software.

Education has also a huge impact on annual income. On average, those who complete high school get – 50% more than those who don’t, while employees with a college or university graduation make almost 100% more. For those workers who are currently working, improving in reading and writing skills increases their salary.

Another area in which education matters, is Unemployment Rate. The better education, the easier it to get a job. In Canada, unemployment among people with a University degree is 6.2% – for men – and 3.9% – for women – less than those without high school graduation.