Task management at work

People always complain they don’t have enough time to do all their tasks. With a prioritized work plan, however, you can do all important things at work. The crucial key for managing tasks is to focus on vital tasks instead of keeping yourself busy with not important activities. Listing all the things that should be done at a specific time -like till the end of the day or month- always helps. Look at your list and identify the important ones. The prioritizing should be based on importance and urgency.

Studies have shown when priorities increase, the standards would fall. Big goals require massive effort and when you can not keep concentrating on one, you are not going to make it. Estimate how much effort and energy you have to spend to reach a real achievement and -if you can- put anything else behind you (of course it could be easier said than done). Constantly reviewing things you haven’t done yet also helps in task managing. Be realistic about the time they need to be done and always stick to your plan in terms of timing