Our identity at work

Most people don’t know themselves very well. In terms of working, they might find it too hard to picture a unique identity for themselves and that could stop their progress or at least turn into a bump at their roads. In order to promote at work, first, we have to reach a cohesive understanding of our emotions, desires and preferences. Running a stabled character that others can trust, certainly requires an identity.

Our identity at work should be based on what we really are and what we really want. Acting and performing like a completely different person could be exhausting mentally as it takes too much energy and in a long run, it will lead you to a point where you don’t like your job anymore. Fake identities don’t last so long.

It is very important to stick with your character during the work. As a team member, group work’s very important, true, but at the same time, your individuality matters too. Do not compromise when it is a matter of your fundamental principles. Do not be afraid of disagreeing when it’s your only choice. Your identity is defined by conflicts and dilemmas more than by agreements.