Meetings at Work, How to approach?

Unnecessary meetings in the workplace stop us from doing our tasks. to all employees, it happens sometimes that they participate in a meeting that they find irrelevant to their duties. Most of the time during these meetings they think about how they could do their better and more efficient if they weren’t asked to take apart. If you’re responsible for arranging meetings, there are some ways to avoid these situations. Here are some:

Don’t schedule a meeting unless it has a clear agenda

The agenda is the plan for the meeting and without it, the entire meeting is just a waste of time. The necessity of the meeting and the problems that must be solved are pointed out in the meetings’ agenda.

Keep the meeting short

The most efficient meetings are the ones that are held within 30 minutes. When it takes longer, usually the concentrations are lost and the meeting goes around vicious circles.

Give value to the results

Meetings have no value in themselves. No one should claim that ‘it was a useful day because we had 3 meetings.’ Instead, you must give credit to contributions. How did this meeting serve the company? How could we use our time better? What were the alternatives?