Job searching during Pandemic

The nature of job finding has been changed gradually during covid-19 for both searchers and recruiters. The importance of interviews has been increased massively in the hiring process.

Yet, many job seekers complain that their applications are ignored or they do not receive an email from recruiters saying they got your resume. For an open position in a typical company, managers usually get around 250 resumes and this number for major companies like Google or Facebook is more than 1000. Naturally, the importance of cover letters is more now. Also, make sure your resume is free from grammatical errors.

According to researches, networking has had the biggest role in hiring during the Pandemic. About 70% of jobs are never even advertised. How could you earn these jobs? By networking with relatives, friends, neighbours and LinkedIn connections.

Virtual interviews are now more common. Practice for them and try to make a good impression on recruiters. go through speaking into a webcam and Prepare for technical difficulties.

Patience is now a key matter for job hunting. The pandemic has created massive unemployment. Many skilled workforces are looking for jobs now and even for most experienced employees, finding a new job may take a while.