Interview tips and questions

There are some common interview questions to be asked from the job applicants. But your answers will have a great impact on the interviewer so that he can decide to continue to the next step with you or not. Try to give wise answers to these questions, but how?!

You need to prepare your answers before going to your job interview. Below I am going to help you with these questions and answers.

Tell me about yourself:
This is usually the first question in order to start the interview with. Try to have a very short work bio ready. Try to talk about your recent jobs, skills, and certifications.

 Try to express yourself and a little your personal hobbies.

Why do you like this job? / Why should we hire you? / What interests you about this job?
Try to show your enthusiasm for the job and read the job description before. Try to match your skills, experience, and personality with the job. Talk about the company’s mission and vision and how it resonates with your personal values in working.

What is your biggest strength?
Show two or three of your strengths and give concrete examples and how they help you in your professional success.

What are your biggest weaknesses?
Try to be honest, but not too much! Think of constructive criticisms in your past. Talk about something that is not critical to the role.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
They want to know how goal-oriented you are! Try to have realistic expectations, and be flexible.

Tell me about a time you had a business challenge, how did you overcome it?
Talk about an example that shows you have solved an issue, talk about the background, action, and professional result.

What are your salary expectations?
Do research about salaries online to know your role expected salary.