How to stop the job search stress?

Job searching is always stressful, especially for those who are unemployed while searching. According to research, more than 73% of job seekers in North America are stressed. Many, blame themselves and believe this issue demonstrates their psychological weakness. This is -however- a wrong perception. In fact, it is completely natural to feel pressure in this process. The thing that should be avoided is to let this pressure play the biggest role in the game.

There are -of course- steps to be taken in order to reduce this pressure and prevent further problems.

Here is some advice to get rid of stress -or at least reduce it- while we are trying to find a new job.

1. Do not deny the stress

If you don’t acknowledge the problem, you won’t be able to solve it. Try to reach a better understanding of yourself and particular situations that cause stress for you personally. Psychologists suggest that the first step to encounter stress and anxiety is to deal with it, not to deny it.

2. Get ready

The more you are prepared for the job, the less stress you will have when it counts. Self-Confidence is not a fixed, eternal matter. It is flexible and could increase and decrease according to the relating abilities and professional skills that we earn. Therefore, if you know exactly what is waiting for you during a job interview, and you know how to deal with it appropriately, your self-confidence will improve automatically.

3. Stay positive

It is crucial to have the right attitude when things do not go well. Don’t start to doubt yourself if you are not called for an interview or if you are not offered a job after an interview. Always remember the cliché that says, “Finding a new job is a job itself.” One part of this job is dealing with rejection. Don’t panic in that situation and use it as a motivation for next time.

4. Have a healthy lifestyle

Don’t underestimate the power of physical activity to defuse internal tension. By releasing endorphins, meditation and exercise can decrease stress dramatically and make you more and more calm, prepared, and focused for your search. Sufficient and enough sleep is another key matter for controlling stress levels and combat nervousness.

5. Do not isolate yourself

We, humans, are social animals. This means we naturally and biologically need interaction with other people. It is true the job-hunting process requires plenty of concentration and time, but if we ignore our social necessities, it could double the stress. So, it would be helpful to catch up with friends sometimes and have a good time.