How to be popular at work?

Being admired at work simply makes you happier. It not only gives you more opportunities for success in your career but also enables you to develop your social skills. People who are likeable in their workplace have better chances to build successful personal relationships with others. The question is: how could we be popular at work? Here are some tips:

Be yourself

When you present your real self, people feel it and appreciate your sincerity. Pretending to be someone else takes too much energy from you and -soon or late- when you are exhausted, your coworkers would notice you were acting before.

Be respectful

Being liked at work means other people are respecting you and to gain their respect, you must offer it first. Respect has different dimensions, from being polite to others to taking interest in them and from prioritizing team purposes over personal goals to taking your share of the blame when something goes wrong.

Be confident

people are instinctively attracted to their confident colleagues. Being organized, updating your knowledge and skills, being ready for challenges, and knowing body language tricks help you to strike a confident employee.

Don’t cross the boundaries

do not be over-friendly and do not try to be your coworkers’ best friend, otherwise, you will be repelled. Act and perform civilly and professionally but do not go beyond the “friend zone”.

Now you know How to be popular at work?