Days off in Canada

Employees in Canada have the right to use their leave at work. The amount of these days differs in different provinces. In British Columbia, for instance, employees are entitled to 10 working days vacation annually and after 5 years since their employment, that number will increase to 15. Full-time employees get their full salary during these days but hourly employees accrue vacation pay at 4% on all earnings which will increase to 6% after 5 years.

Employees can also use days off related to their health or one of their family members. In British Columbia and Alberta, employees would have 5 unpaid days off. In Ontario, they can use 3 unpaid days of leave for any sickness, injury, or other medical emergencies. For COVID-19, all employees would have 14 unpaid days off and no doctor’s note is obligatory to provide. For those who are in isolation or quarantine, there is no specified number of unpaid days of leave.