Before a job interview

When you are for an interview, you must get prepared. A positive first impression is what you need to make in the interview and it won’t be gained unless you have done your homework pretty well. How could you get ready for a job interview? Here are some tips:

Do some research
You have to completely recognize where you are trying to work. What do they do? How do they do? What makes them special? Where are they exactly in the market? Where will they be in the next 5 years? Nothing can please them more if they notice you’re not only good for the open position, but you also have a deep understanding of that specific company. Besides, it might be helpful if you can search about the recruiter herself. Pre-interview homework requires paying attention to the smallest details which maximize your chance to get the job.

Practice and plan
People always complain about their lack of confidence during interviews. The key to being confident is how much you think you are prepared for the meeting. Practising is a mitigating factor. Simulate the interview conditions, predict what will happen and get ready for that. Do not limit this to the meeting only, start from the beginning. Plan for the way you’re going to go to the building? How is the traffic at that time of the morning? Are you going to use public transportation? Which one? Do you know the timetables? Plan for every particular thing you’re going to experience that day.

Eat a healthy breakfast
There is a connection between the brain and the gut. The more you’re energetic, the easier it becomes to communicate with the recruiter. The night before the interview, eat a complete dinner but do not try things that may harm you or put you in trouble at any level! The last thing you need is to feel uncomfortable during an interview because of what you have eaten. In the morning before you leave, try slow-releasing carbohydrates. Do not drink too much coffee or juice and eat just the amount your body needs.