Canadian-style resume

One of the top priorities to find a job is creating a resume. Comprehensive resumes get you a job you wish for, and imperfect ones may cost you a lot. Although there are many mutual factors in all types of resumes all around the world, in some countries, there are small differences you should acknowledge.

In Canada, you never use your photo in a resume. Your age and physical attributes are also irrelevant. Instead, focus on your experiences, achievements, and abilities. It is also recommended to create a LinkedIn profile and address it in your resume.

An important other thing is you should permanently customize your resume. Do not use general resume formats because they do not work anymore. Every different job requires different items, which means your resume must be updated to your target position. Managers usually do not read every single word inside a resume, so it’s crucial to bring all keywords that they look for.

In the end, it is vital if your resume is neat, clean, and well-organized. Recruiters always analyze job seekers’ character by checking the accuracy and consistency of their resumes. It’s also important that the resumes should not be more than 2 pages.