What are job offers ?

A job offer is an invitation from an employer who seeks employees for certain positions. Fundamental principles of employment including duties and responsibilities, privileges, salary, policies and procedures, insurance, exact work hours and the job first day should be mentioned in a job offer.

Job offers are provided in formal and informal ways. Formal manners should be set by sending a formal letter from employers. The letters should contain all details above and after that, candidates will have some time to search about the job and decide if they agree with the offered conditions.

Potential employees may also respond to the job offer with a counteroffer. It happens when candidates are interested in the job but are not convinced about some specific items, and they offer some changes in the offered contract. They might demand more compensation, another position, non-salary benefits, or a view for potential promotions in the future. It is also normal that candidates ask for a meeting to discuss and negotiate about job conditions.

Job offers are also one of the main ways for immigration. Most adults, who are interested in moving to another country, try to find an employer from the target country who sends them a job offer. In this way, they will increase their chance to get a work permit and finalize their move. Therefore, many immigration companies try to connect their clients with related offices as it is a relatively simple way for immigration.