Small or large companies?

Working for a small o large company might be like living in an entirely different world. Is one of them better than the other? No, but depending on your personal ambitions and characteristics, you can judge which one is suitable for you.

Generally, huge companies with plenty of employees are harder to work for. the hiring process may take up to 6 interviews sometimes. If you’re lucky enough to find a job in one of them, the high level of complexity, organization and bureaucracy would surprise you. On the other hand, it has its edges. Naturally, opportunities for growth is more, you don’t have to know your coworkers personally -like in a small business- and usually, the connections between the employees are restricted only to work. ( some consider this as a vital advantage.)

In contrast, working in a small company would be like living with your second family. People, – from the receptionist up to the boss care about each other and spend time together out of work. Job seekers always dream about getting hired in Google or Facebook but are they really better? In terms of income and prestige maybe, but in terms of work conditions and job security, probably not. The thing is, as long as you can earn more money than your high school era friends and show off you’re working for an extremely successful company, you might don’t care how much pressure and internal stress you may feel which puts your health at risk.