Shortcoming-related questions in job interviews

All job searchers know being asked about their own shortcomings is never fun. It also is not easy to answer. Most people find it extremely difficult to speak about their shortcomings especially when the interviewer is always listening to you carefully and watching your body language accurately in order to analyze your character.

However, some studies show behind these possible shortcomings there are positive deeds which you shouldn’t be ashamed of. feeling stressed out, for instance, means you expect so much from yourself deep inside you. It definitely isn’t a bad thing. It just has been mismanaged. Psychological theories suggest behind being worried, stubborn, shy, impatient or emotional, there are similar good characteristics.

A professional recruiter detects these shortcomings carefully, but also calculate probabilities in which your motivations are going in the right direction. They don’t just see your current situation but what you can turn into as well. So, there is nothing to be worried about if they discovered one or two shortcomings of yours.