How to Start A Job Interview

Without any doubt, the first impression decides the rest of an interview. You must look prepared, focused and polite. Show your prestige, Shake the interviewer’s hand and introduce yourself. The recruiter wants to help you relax. She starts with “ice-breaking” questions. These questions usually are:

-Shall we start?

-How are you?

-Did you find us easy?

-Are you enjoying this weather?

You need to answer friendly but do not make it too long with details. Remember that the interview isn’t officially begun so your answers must be proportioned. Feel the rhythm of the meeting and harmonize yourself. Candidates who express information quickly are hard to become rejected or forgotten. For instance, to respond ‘Did you find us easy?’ you can say ‘Yes, I had no problem.’ or ‘Yes, it’s not difficult to find here.’ or ‘No, I missed the exit and had some trouble to find it again. Glad I’m not late.’