A Good Manager Gives Feedback

The way a manager treats her employees is not just work-related. She also must teach them and coach them in the best way possible. The relationships employees have with their boos is among the top priorities in their job satisfaction status. Good management includes considering all employees – one by one – as individuals. All of them have distinctive characters, personalities and personal values. It is vital to detect these characteristics and discover the best way to deal with them. The expectation must be clear, Your behavior must be consistent and you must give them feedback.

If you – as a manager – want your feedback to become maximum efficient, you have to build your relationships with them based on respect and trust. In this way, they will always understand even tough moments between you are about their own benefit and progress. Do not rush in giving feedback. Sometimes you need more data. The best feedback is the one that is focused on the future, not the one which is more like an act of revenge or payback. The value of your feedback is the impact it makes among the employees and even yourself